AA Brazilian Amethyst (250 Grams)

AA Brazilian Amethyst (250 Grams)


AA Amethyst Faceting rough.

250 Grams (aprox 26 stones) 

This material consists of well only well shaped stones (no flats)  clean and ready to facet.

6-30 Gram sizes with a 10 Gram average. 

Entirely clean, no Duds! Hand select by yours truely. 

This material is untreated, and from Brazil.

Mild zoning.

*** The Pictures are representative of what you will receive. 

  • About the MG Blind Pour

    The best bang for your buck. I gaurentee your parcel is up to par. Selling by blind pour saves me time, saving you money. The same great quality you have come to expect. If you have spesifications, you can add them into the comments at checkout. (Ex: "I'm hoping for mostly 2 gram sizes in the ametrine with a 50/50 split that are suitable for opposed bars") If your request can't be satisfied I'll send you a message or give you a call. If you would like confirmation before I send your parcel, just add the word "confirmation" in your order description and I'll send you a picture of your exact parcel before sending.

    Ordering: Pay close attention to the minimum order size. Its constricted by the smallest stone likely available. Enter, in the quantity box, the number of grams you would like.